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From Little Rock, Arkansas, Upon The Devil's Request are quite a find. Their music has the same other-lordly groove, and creates the same epic, moody soundscapes, as Manchester's Oceanside, who sadly split in 2011. Could they plug an Oceanside hole? Watch this space.

If only this band had called themselves Little Rock Arkansas, then I could have used up my stock of out of date Jim Dandy Jokes, and freed up some cupboard space. Although to the credit of Little Rock, it did manage to put Messrs GrandFunk and Railroad in a haze.

Turns out that the various members of Upon The Devils's Request, namely Jerry Cordova, Derek Reed, Logan Kennedy, and Ryan Cook, have performed together in the past, but after ten years apart decided to return and give to the world their brand of modern prog.

So it's Tool and Steven Wilson rather than Yes and ELP, but it's still rather good. They've got all the musical twists and turns requisite in this style of music, and have lyrical and musical concepts galore, which soar right above my ill-educated head. However, those of you who have an actual brain, and a tendency towards Porcupine Tree will find a lot to enjoy on music such as "Walking Through Walls", "Soon Enough", and "In My Dreams".

The combination of Ryan's dark progressive lyrics coupled with the raw power of Logan's percussion skills, Jerry's bass prowess, and Derek's proficiency of guitar make this album both complex and captivating; a true sensory experience.

Something about Logan's drums, re-arranging the thump of your heart to the rhythm of his sticks...Jerry's bass causing your blood to course thick and arteries to twitch...Ryan's words will forcefully lay you down, his voice slowly spreading you wide...and Derek's guitar says "it's's ok..." as it saturates you in deep melodies that rejoice and lament. This band...this album...this part in my life...was in fact for me, "Lessons in Loss"..If you like it hazy... I highly recommend you buy this album.